How to Do Trademark Search Indonesia Properly


Before registering your brand trademark to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property in Indonesia, it is very important to keep an eye on other similar brands that exist around Indonesia’s public. Therefore, you want to do some trademark search Indonesia for seeing and preventing any possibility of being outsmarted by other brands.

Steps of Trademark Search Indonesia Through the DGIP Official Site

Ideally, people will look up to the trademark they want to know in the Directorate General of Intellectual Property official website to make sure they have the latest information and database. Therefore, this time we will show you how to look up for the trademark in the DGIP Official Site.

1. Step one, open think link dgip that will bring you straight to the trademark search and intellectual property search of Indonesia.
2. Step two is to search for what trademark you are looking for. For example, if you are an owner of a local Thai Tea shop, then you have to type ‘Thai Tea’ on the search column.
3. Next to the column, choose the ‘brand’ or in Indonesia, it’s ‘merk’ then click the search button.
4. There will be a list of Thai Tea brands. Look up if there is anything similar to your brand name, and if in case you find your brand name with a label of ‘registered’ or ‘processing’, then perhaps you will have to look for another name for your brand.

In Indonesia, those who first file their brand have the right to the legitimate owner of the trademark. Hence if you are registering your brand without any information and content of the brand’s name, you are likely more into wasting your time and money than to produce something that will protect your brand.

Also, if you are up to registering your trademark, you will have to know the class of the goods and services you are producing. Take a look at the examples and steps below.
Steps of Classifying Your Product According to DGIP Official Site

1. First of all, open the link dgip that will open the official page of the product classification of DGIP.
2. For an easier result, do not type your product too precisely, but make it more general. For example, write ‘tea’ instead of ‘thai tea’, or ‘milk’ instead of ‘fresh milk’, etc.
3. It will directly show you every class of the goods and services with words related to your product. Easy, isn't it?

If you do not have much time, but more of cash, you might want to use the intellectual property register services that you can find on the internet. Mostly, they provide the help of researching the brand, find your brand class, help you prepare the documents you need before registering your trademark, apply for your trademark plea, basically everything related to the trademark registering process in Indonesia.

Most people with new businesses who need more practical processes tend to use these services, not only because it is simpler and spends less energy, there is also a big chance of winning a trademark in the DGIP battlefield.

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